positive mind care

Positive Mind Care & Research Centre

(Next Generation Clinic for Complete Mental Wellness)

Who Are We?

Positive Mind Care and Research Centre is a Next Generation Mental Health Clinic dedicated to providing the highest quality care and research in the field of mental health. The Centre takes a Positive and Holistic approach to mental health, Focusing on the Individual as a whole and their Unique needs & circumstances. The Centre is committed to using evidence-based scientific treatment methods, conducting research, and providing education and outreach to the community. 


We provide a new ray of hope for Psychiatric patients with the Delhi-NCR’s 1st BrainsWay Deep TMS Machine at our Research Centre. The Deep TMS treatment is 3rd Generation treatment for Psychiatric Disorders and has been found very effective in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorders, OCD, Brain Strokes, and Anxiety. Encouraging results for treating Parkinson, Alzheimer, and Paralysis were also found in clinical trials by the experts. 


The best part is that the treatment is totally Non-invasive and safe, with mild or negligible side effects, giving a lot of freedom for improving the treatments. Highly effective Short Treatment sessions (about 20 minutes per session), Out-Patient based treatment, No patient preparation is required, No Anesthesia, Patient screening is done using a checklist to find if they are electromagnetic field compatible. 

Deep-TMS is the most efficient treatment available in the field of mental wellness. The treatment according to the fast-paced world (lastly 15 days for treatment). Our services are most affordable, customizable as per the schedule of patients, and easily accessible to the needs of the 21st century.