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BizzSight :- The seminar was supported by Positive Mind Care & Research Centre, Delhi-NCR’s Number-1 mental wellness center. The Positive Mind Care and Research Centre is revolutionizing the Way Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and Addiction are treated with Deep TMS Treatment and Artificial Intelligence, bringing new hope for drug-resistant psychiatric patients and those looking for treatment without medicine

The mental health-related issues are increasing in India due to today’s hustle-bustle; people are met with unrealistic expectations, social pressures, and stresses, and often live lonely, sedentary lifestyles. 

Positive Mind Care and Research Centre’s dedicated team focuses on every individual patient’s unique needs & circumstances, using AI tools to deliver personalized services with confidentiality. The achievements of PMC have been spectacular as in just a few months they became the leading clinic of Delhi-NCR for wellness. Some of the successful milestones of the past few months have been:

Franchise Model & Corporate Tie up 
  • 2+ Franchise including Franchise with the biggest mental health care provider of Delhi-NCR Tulasi Healthcare 
  • 15+ Corporate tie-ups
Trust Building
  •  1000+ people approached us
  •  120+ Top Psychiatrist of Delhi-NCR are trusting us
  •  5+ Hospitals empanelment
  • 5. Awareness Campaigns  
  •  05 Physical seminars with top Psychiatrist 
  • 05 Webinars for creating awareness 
  •  Awareness campaigns in 15 RWAs
  •  100+ Articles and Blogs
  •  Over 2 lakh views of Awareness campaigns on Social Media 
Reviews and Ratings
  •  All 5-star reviews on Google Reviews 5 Star Rating on Practo
  • 5 Star Rating on Apollo 24X7
  • 50+ excellent personal reviews from visitors on the Clinic Suggestion Board
  • 10 K+ followers on Social Media

Mental health remains a taboo subject in India, people don’t come forward for treatments. To solve this problem, Positive Mind Care came up with an innovative solution and launched 1st Artificial Intelligence based virtual platform “SAMVEDAN”, which is like a companion of mental wellness, checking mental health regularly and guiding appropriate treatments online. 

It has many unique features including
  • AI-based Diagnosis, the current system of diagnosis of mental wellness is complicated, and a person has to a psychiatric/psychological clinic for testing. Now this can be done online sitting at your and at your convenient time.
  • Second, it is going to give a comprehensive report with color coding immediately after testing covering 5 major life facets important as per age. 
  • Thirdly, it is going to give recommendations for treatments and connect you with an expert online Counselor to take online treatment with privacy and in severe cases will recommend consulting some Psychiatric doctor in your nearby area or locality. 

The seminar received support from Positive Mind Care & Research Centre, a leading mental wellness center in Delhi-NCR. The center utilizes Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) treatment and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the treatment of depression, anxiety, OCD, and addiction. They focus on personalized services using AI tools and have achieved significant milestones in a short period. To address the taboo surrounding mental health in India and the hesitation of people to come for treatment to clinics, the center launched an AI-based virtual platform called “SAMVEDAN” to provide regular mental health check-ups and appropriate online treatments. The platform offers features such as AI-based diagnosis, comprehensive reports, treatment recommendations, and online counseling with privacy.

Positive Mind Care- Bizzsight


Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS) Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment
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