Positive Mind Care and Research Centres Pvt Limited are the Next Generation Clinics to treat mental health issues and specialize in treating Anxiety, Depression, Stress, OCD, and Brain Strokes. Its head officeis 804, Arcadia, South City II, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122018. The clinic focuses on several mental health issues that cause an adverse effect on the human body, putting hindrances in doing regular course activities andpreventing from leading a joyful life for the person suffering from mental health issues and their family members.

As per a report by WHO, there have been drastic increases in the cases of mental illness post covid era. With these things in the background, Positive Mind Care and Research Centre organized a conference to understand more about 3rd generation treatment of psychiatric disorders of Deep TMS Technique on 12th March 2023 at Civil Services Officers’ Institute, Chanakyapuri Delhi, which focused on the overall learning of the procedure and the technicalities attached to it.

Renowned Psychiatric Doctor MS Reddy, a specialist from Hyderabad, and Dr. Shyam Kunam, another renowned physiatrist from the USA, virtually joined the session and enlightened the audience (which mostly included Delhi-NCR Psychiatric Doctors, Technicians, and experts) with their experience of the use of the Deep TMS Therapy. Dr. Reddy focused on several criticalaspects of the treatment, starting from the conventional mode of treatment, i.e., using the medicines, and then moving on to 2nd phase with TMS/rTMS technologies and then this latest DEEP TMS, which is the third generation technology for successful treatment of Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and many more mental disorders.

Dr. Reddy explained the working of the DEEP TMS Therapy available in the Clinic of Positive Mind Care and Research Centre, as how it delivers electromagnetic pulses to target areas in the brain involved in mood regulation, control of obsessive thoughts, compulsions, addictive behavior, etc. These pulses feel like a mild tapping on the scalp. The patient can comfortably sit in a chair, watch TV, and read a magazine, awake and alert during the treatment.

After Dr. Reddy concluded the session,a panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Rahul Yadav, a famous Psychiatric Doctor from Gurugram, working with Positive Mind Care, followed by a lively question-answer round, where the doctors asked a lot of interesting questions from Dr. Reddy and Dr. Kunam. One of the questions was related to reluctance to insurance coverage of Mental health Treatment by the Insurance Companies. Dr. Reddy explained that the treatment is always covered under insurance if it is done for the In-patient, but there is an urgent need to cover such non-invasive treatments, which are very effective, less cumbersome, and easy to administer.