positive mind care

Our Mission

The mental health status of a nation is closely tied to its economic growth. Recent data indicates that over 14 percent of India’s total population grapples with various forms of depressive disorders. This prevalence is particularly pronounced among older adult females. Factors contributing to the development of depressive and anxiety disorders include experiences such as bullying victimization, childhood sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, and environmental risks like lead exposure, which can lead to developmental intellectual disabilities.

Furthermore, persistent, unmanaged stress and anxiety have well-documented adverse effects on both physical and mental well-being. A recent study highlights that 74% of Indians have experienced stress, while 88% have encountered some form of anxiety disorder. Symptoms range from elevated heart rates and hyperventilation to chronic fatigue and difficulties in concentration. Disturbingly, cases of stress and anxiety among Indians have seen a significant uptick since the onset of the pandemic.

Projections indicate that India is poised to suffer substantial economic losses due to the mental health conditions mentioned above.

Our mission is to launch a social awareness movement regarding mental health issues in India. We are dedicated to providing treatment for every individual grappling with any form of mental illness, with the ultimate goal of spreading positivity and fostering economic prosperity across the nation.